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-Joe    Eijiro  Ozaki

Eijiro Ozaki made his stage debut in Japan playing the lead role in "Rebel Without A Cause," performed entirely in English. His breakthrough came when he portrayed a Kamikaze pilot in the Off-Broadway play "The Winds Of God." After, he appeared in the action sequences of the film "THE LAST SAMURAI" and in "Letters from Iwo Jima" where he put his life into the role of Lieutenant Okubo. Recently, he was guest star Young Kaito Nakamura, in NBC's "HEROES."
-Joe's Mother    Akiko  Shima

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Akiko Shima spent her early childhood studying acting. After moving to Los Angeles, Akiko was nominated by the Santa Monica Theatre Guild Geoffrey Awards as Best Character Actress for her role as Fuyo: the Spirit in the Velina Hasu Houston's play "Kokoro (True Heart)." In film, Akiko is best known for her dramatic role in "Letters from Iwo Jima" directed by Clint Eastwood.
-Little Boy    Aidan  Andrews
-Valerie    Angela  Schnaible
-Roy's Mother    Nicole  Bell

-Liz    Bethany  Orr


Writer/Director/Producer    Ken Ochiai
Producer    Tomoya Suzuki
Co-writer    Mike Schock
Cinematographer    Chris Freilich
Production Designer    Keith Davidson
Casting Director    Yumi Takada
Editor    Soojin Chung
Sound Designer    Paul Andre Ponarev  David Lankton
Music Supervisor    Jason Michael Lopez
Associate Producers    Mike Thai  Tempei Shikama  Yuri Suzuki

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