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Shohei was born in 1989, and raised in Oita, Japan. "Frog In The Well" is his debut on screen, but ever since he was little, he has been performing on the stage.

He currently lives in Beppu City in Oita and hopes to move to New York to pursue his dream.

-Chisato Sakurai    Sakura

Chisato has worked on numerous TV shows, commercials, and theater plays in Japan. Her television works includes "Four Sister Detectives," "Our Peach Color Diary," and "Shakeen."

She is now on a commercial for "Dream Jumbo Lottery." Also she is in an advertisement for "Triumph."

Her hobbies are cooking, playing volleyball, and bicycle racing.
-Kazuko Tajima    Aunt

Kazuko Tajima was born and raised in Japan. After the graduation from high school, she pursued her career as a taylor. She worked for Miwa Taylor for over 40 years and became an independent taylor.

She has an office in Akasaka and a number of clients from Japanese Entertainment industry.

This film is her screen debut.


Writer/Director/Producer  Ken Ochiai
Cinematographer and Co-writer  Justin Paul Miller
Editor  Nodoka Kato
Executive Producers  Tadao Tanaka
Associate Producers  Laure Bourdon  Mikako Horiuchi  Yuri Suzuki
Music by Layla Lane

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